About Solin Vance

First, we have had incredible reviews from customers that rave about our service, professionalism, and book designs. Our goal is to serve, That said we better give you our mildly-biased-opinions so that you can make some informed decisions moving forward.


Solin Vance is a dynamic full service photography and design company that has been ALL ABOUT SENIORS  since 2010. We have provided outstanding service to senior families from both private and public schools in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. What’s out Signature item? We mix portraiture, editorial, and journalistic shoots with one-a-kind book design that you can play an active role in bringing to life.


What sets the Solin Vance’s Senior Life service apart from others:


  *Senior Life consult: The Senior Life Consultation helps individuals customize a “collection” at a fair price with their goals in mind versus a package mentality. 


*Senior Life Design: We only use the best vendors for the products we design. From posters and books to invites and professional prints, they are all made of top notch materials.


*Senior Life Rights policy:  We also have a generous and evolving image rights policy. If it’s an event you get ALL the images shot. If it’s portraiture it depends on the collection you create as to the type and amount of images you can get ( that’s a fancy way of saying it depends on how much you spend). 


* Senior Life Sports Journalism and Posed Action: We shoot with the same gears as the major news and television stations so image quality is our top priority with the games and performances we follow. These  fleeting “shining moments” have enriched the lives and the overall experiences of everyone involve (even us).  In addition, directing Posed Action for teams helps us deliver unique sports portraits and  designs that stray away from the tired but cute “ On One knee” sports day portrait.


It is Solin Vance  Images sincere hope that by concentrating on your need for quality images, The Senior Life service will aid to create images that you will be cherish of for a lifetime! 


Now what about you